The Dos And Don'ts On Exterior Painting

When executing an exterior painting job in Singapore, you need to understand the dos and don'ts involved. It’s a demanding job and will cost you significant amount of money as well as time and energy. It is therefore important to be careful to carry out a perfect job to avoid incurring extra expenses. Discussed below are the dos and don'ts.


Do take precautionary measures -

When carrying out exterior painting, your safety is paramount. Do not ignore to consider safety otherwise you may end up getting badly hurt as a result of avoidable falls. To reduce possibilities of any injury, before you go up the ladder, make sure it has an adequately firm stance. The ladder should be in excellent condition.

Do purchase personal protective equipment -

They protect your body from any harm. A dust mask is one of this equipment and it will help you not to inhale any paint chemicals which may harm your body. A pair of steel-toe boots protects you against toe injury in case of any exterior painting accident. While executing exterior painting you ought to keep your work space neat or organized. By doing so, you will be avoiding unnecessary injuries and you will use less time to do a good job.

Don’t skip any step in the exterior painting process -

Every step is important for a well-done painting job. Considering the massive work involved, no one wants to repeat the job in the near future. For a long lasting beautiful exterior look, start by removing mildew, dirt and mildew. Do not apply the paint on top of any form of dirt because paint will not stick and the final look will not be so appealing.

Don’t apply new paint on old painting -

Instead use pressure washing technique to remove the earlier painting completely. The high pressure cleanses the wall and also hydrates it. Remember to leave the surface to dry first before applying paint. Do not do pressure washing and apply painting on the same day. Sometimes people who are in a hurry tend to clean off old paint and immediately apply new one.

Don’t get the perception that power washing replaces scraping -

Please note that after washing and the surface dries out hand scraping is still important. Pressure / power washing removes grime, dust and large paint chunks that are raised up. Scraping removes the tiny hard paint that fails to get off through pressure washing.

Mouldy Walls

Do not use power washing on wood surfaces -

The practice damages them. Scraping is the more appropriate method.

Do not carry out exterior painting without caulking -

Caulking is the process done for sealing joints and other damages on the exterior wall. When done the water is prevented from seeping through cracks or open joints. When caulking is done, the quality of exterior painting is high.

Do apply stains and paints -

This is the main step requiring color consulting. Here the color or color shade of choice is applied to the now clean surface. Please note that not all exterior surfaces are suitable for paints, others require stains instead.

Do apply weather protection coatings -

Before applying the final layer of weather protection coating, make sure the surface is completely dry.

Do not use finish on wood -

Avoid carrying out exterior painting by applying finish coat paint on bare wooden areas. Bare wood is better at receiving primer than paint or trim. It is therefore a wise decision to apply a thick uniform layer of primer on bare wood.

Do not apply one coat only -

One layer or coat of paint is inadequate. Mill thickness is recommended by most paint experts and manufacturers. A good suggestion for exterior painting is to paint up to between 13 and 16 mills wet. This is possible through 2 separate coatings.

Do apply a little sample paint on the wall -

This is to help with the choice of color. You may also apply your preferred colors on a cardboard shield. You then walk around the exterior space and view the colors in different lights. Please note that, colors appear lighter on the wall than they do on the chart. Flat is the basic sheen for exteriors, while semi-gloss is the one for doors and windows.

Mouldy Walls

Do cover everything to protect them from paint -

For instance if you are painting an area with a lawn nearby, cover the grass or delicate plants to avoid paint / spray damage as well as dust accumulation.

Do paint two sides of a house at a go -

This ensures that some windows are left uncovered for lighting and ventilation purposes.

Do remember to clean up -

After carrying out an exterior painting job in Singapore, clean up by picking all paint chips. As a professional painter go up the ladder and do a visual inspection to make sure that there are no broken tiles. is a painting company in Singapore which stands out from its competitors since its very careful with clean up. The company understands that, property owners deserve to come home to a clean exterior.

Do paint wrought iron -

It is recommended that you paint the iron with oil in time so that the rust does not turn chalky.

Do consult about color scheme whenever you have difficulties -

If you are having trouble choosing a color scheme for your home, you should contact a professional painter for advice. The experts can advise to choose one color or mix and match colors to get the desired look that suits your personal tastes preferences.

Do hire professionals -

Sometimes attempting a DIY exterior painting project in Singapore is a waste of money and time especially if you lack the required expertise and the necessary equipment used by professional painters. It is therefore wise to hire professional painters to do what they do best. You are likely to find many of these professionals in Singapore but be careful to carry out a good background research about the quality of service of your preferred painter. Most property owners have researched and settled on for its quality services.

These are the dos and the don'ts you need to know if you are considering exterior painting in Singapore.

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