What To Do With My Mouldy And Patchy Walls?

Moulds and patchy spots on the wall are the banes of every household in Singapore. The climate is very much responsible for causing such damp or condensations. The weather of Singapore is filled with moisture for most of the part of a year. But it can also happen to owe to the leakage of pipes or seeping rain in basements and ground floors. A brand new house also can get suffered from moulds because the internal water is yet to dry completely.


The moulding process and its signs on the walls:

When the vapour comes across a cold surface then it gets to turn into a watery based solution. This particular reason causes condensation or moulds in many parts of houses. The more prone areas to moulds are external walls, shower walls, washroom, basements and laundry spaces. The first sign of mould you will notice is the greenish or black spots on the wall which would turn brown in no time. But some other less apparent indications of moulds on walls are discoloration and cracking effect on the wall paint, bulging and a certain mildewed yet moist smell in all over the affected room. The mould or patchy marks on the walls generally spread with times and can put an effect on your health as well.

What are the impacts of mould on human health?

It is being proved that over 50% of people got attacked with various diseases due to moulds on their walls. Most of those people are prone to asthma or severe sinus trouble. All those white coloured moulds can cause allergic reactions to the whole body and excessive exposure to dampness can harm the lungs as well. So it is always better to remove moulds from the walls using various tips and tricks.

Top 5 mould removing ideas from the walls:

As we have mentioned earlier that it is beneficial for our health and walls to stay away from moulds and damp patches. That is why we are displaying 5 tips to get rid of them easily.

Mouldy Walls

Types of walls do matter:

There are basically two kinds of walls one in porous and the other is the non-porous.
• If you have porous walls such as dry and with no shades then the mould can form its growth internally so you might require cutting the moulded portion of the wall to remove it from the roots.
• If your wall in non-porous or a painted one then try to wipe the mould using a damp clothing material. There is various mould removing products for painted walls. Use them with precautions and those moulds might get vanished.

1. The chlorine and water based mixture:

This procedure is one of the most effectual in removing moulds from the walls.
• Take 2 or 3 buckets of water and one small jar of the chlorine bleach
• Mix and blend them well together.
• Put the whole mixture in a spray bottle and scatter it onto the damp.
• Rub them off using any wet cloth.

2. The borax and the vinegar combination:

This is one of the most useful mould removing tricks which can be applicable perfectly on the non-porous walls. The process of applying is...
• First, take 2 to 3 tbsp of borax powder and one-fourth cup of vinegar.
• Then mix vinegar and borax all together and drop 3 cups of boiled water onto them.
• Blend well to form a dissolved liquid paste and put them in a spray can.
• Scatter the mixture on the affected areas like coloured walls or tiles and after 10 to 15 minutes clean it using dry clothes.

Patchy Walls

3. Mild detergent and water solution:

You can try this formula for both the porous and non-porous walls. Though this method is preliminary but can do wonders if applied correctly.
• First, take a bucket full of clean water and mix at least one cup of mould killing mild detergents. You can also use your usual soaps to make this solution.
• Blend them using a stick and take a clean washing rag. Cover the furniture of the room with plastic bags.
• Start rubbing all parts of the wall gently. Never brush hard as this can bump up the problem by opening the spores of the mould.
• Wait for some time and then clean each part using a dry cloth.
• Uncover the furniture and brush them with the clean mop.

4. Make use of your Vacuum cleaner:

One can also use his vacuum cleaner to void up the moulds from the walls. But your cleaner should contain a higher amount of HEPA filter to work perfectly on the moulds and patches.

5. An expert technique:

This method is usually done by the experts but if you don’t wish to spend money on them, you can try this on your own as well. But wear a mask, rubber gloves and eye protector before performing this method.
• Take the mould remover and Mould armour mildew and apply directly on the walls.
• Turn on the exhaust or normal fan to start ventilation.
• After waiting for half an hour, wipe off your wall using a wet sponge.
• Lastly, spray the Mould blocker as a conditioner on all over the walls.

How to prevent moulds and patches from occurring on walls?

Go to the bottom of the reason for why moulds are happening on your walls and try to stop them. But the overall preventive tips are as follows.
• Always turn on the exhaust fan in your washroom after taking a long shower.
• If you have no exhaust fan in the washroom then lit the light at least for half an hour.
• Always keep the bathroom door open after taking the shower to maintain the air circulation.
• If your room and bathroom are affected by moulds then hang towels as it would soak the moisture out of the room.
• Wash the walls regularly to stay away from moulds and patchy walls.
• You should always spray clean your tub and shower.
• Give a weekly cleaning to washrooms, kitchen, basement walls and laundry rooms.

We hope that these tips will help you to get rid of moulded and patchy walls in Singapore.

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