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What to look for when choosing a reputable painting company in Singapore

There are several types of office painters available in Singapore- registered companies that paint condos for individual persons or town councils, free-lance ones and the professional services provided by painting companies.

In order to choose the right HDB painting company, you will have to determine your criteria. For instance, if cost is your only criterion, then you will find a better rate from freelance painters. But are they recommended by your friends? Even if they are, you need to be assured of their painting quality. They should be able to advice you in case you wish to adopt a given theme for your office or condo.

A reputable painter in Singapore should ensure that your computers, furniture, display items and floors are properly covered while painting. You need to verify from your reputable office painter the type of paint as well as the number of coats they need to use to ensure that the paint work last much longer. Here are factors to consider when choosing a reputable painting company in Singapore:

Experience is among the most important factors a home owner should consider before choosing a reputable HBD painting company in Singapore. This is because a contractor who is experienced is able to understand your house or office or condo as well as the type of painting that suits them best. The significance of experience is further enhanced by the fact that majority of HDB homes are similar in away. As a result, an experienced contractor will have advantage of painting similar homes & hence will not have difficult time while executing the project. For example, an experienced painting contractor knows perfectly well the most difficult points of the house; therefore, he won’t be faced with many challenges while in the process of painting. It is therefore very important to consider your selected painter’s experience just before giving him green light to do the job.

When you want office painted, first, you need to determine areas that require improvement. You have to decide which areas inside your office that should be painted. You also need to find out whether you want to do exterior or interior painting projects. These factors are very important for individuals who want to work only with the best painting contractors. Different painters normally have different specializations.

It is very important to find out whether your painting contractor is licensed to work in your local area. The license will assist you ascertain whether or not the contractor you have chosen to work with is trained and also authorized to operate. Beware of scams. There may be fake contractors who have fake licenses and might present them to you as genuine ones. It is therefore very necessary that you authenticate that the license presented is genuine. This can be done by consulting with the relevant licensing body that has a list of all licensed painting companies in Singapore. Finding a reputable painter in Singapore for your office or condo also requires that you check if your contractor has the necessarily working tools and equipment. These include all the equipment for painting as well as the facilities to ensure his safety. These facilities will allow your contractor to work effectively and without causing any injuries or accidents, more so while painting an office that is a higher ground.

Price normally comes out as one of the most important factors when hiring a good painting company in Singapore. As a home owner, you wish to stay under your budget so as to avoid unnecessary future financial problems. You need to decide on the amount of money you wish to spend for the project. When comparing all the available painting companies in Singapore, you also need to take into consideration some factors like material cost, painting cost, as well as any other factors related to the overall cost of the project.

A reputable painting company should allow you to choose the brand as well as the color of your paint. This allows you to select your favorite that is suitable for your needs. When selecting the best paint color, you need to consider your overall house color.

As soon as you identify some condo painting service companies, you may contact them to discuss your painting project. Some contractors can offer you free estimation cost basing on your work specifications. By contacting these painting companies, you will be able to compare all the available options that are present in Singapore. You will also be able to schedule your project with your chosen company.

The suitability of your HBD painting company is also influenced by their professional conduct reputation. Majority of Singapore HDB painting companies are known to uphold high professional standards and are therefore able to maintain that good reputation. However, some contractors are known to engage in unprofessional conducts like tampering with your property while painting or failing to disclose details about their contract prior to signing a deal with them. You need to watch out for such contractors and if possible, lodge a complaint with relevant bodies for disciplinary action.

When hiring a reputable office painting contractor, you need to go through the contract carefully. The contract should have all the details of the project, including estimation time, total cost, payment schedule, painting materials, work specifications as well as all other important information. Some contractors do offer warranty programs for its clients. This warranty program needs to be included in the contract. Going through the contract carefully will prevent any unwanted events in future.


A properly painted HDB (Housing Development Board) house always looks great. In addition, it feels neat and comfortable, thus making it paramount to work with a reputable painting contractor. However, the process involved in getting the right painting company in Singapore requires a home owner to stick to various factors as well as follow some steps. This is because there are several HDB companies in Singapore that provide varying qualities of services. This makes it important it scrutinize all these different contractors to be sure that they meet international standards and are able to offer quality services. The above discussed factors will be greatly help you identify the right painting company for your house, condo or office.

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