7 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid When Painting Your Office

There is a little more care that needs to go into office painting, perhaps more than any other room painting. For starters, your office is the one room that should bring out your utmost creativity and productivity. It is also the one room that should inspire confidence in both your employees, your clients and to a huge extent, yourself. That is why painting your office should be something that warrants a great deal of consideration from both yourself and your Singapore designer.

Office Painting

As simple as this may sound, there are often some mistakes made, even by the most experienced of painters or by the people who have the keenest of eyes for color. These mistakes are not made because the designer was inexperienced, or because the office owner had bad taste in color, they are made because of very minor oversights. Things that could have been avoided such as choosing to use the wrong kind of brush for the chosen type of paint or being in a rush to paint a second coat of paint on the wall. It is often the simplest of things that result in the worst of outcomes. With that in mind, here are the 7 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid When Painting Your Office. Avoiding these mistakes will not only make sure that you end up with an aesthetically appealing office, but that the overall outcome is one that you can be proud of to call your own.

7 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid When Painting Your Office

Mistake 1: Choosing colors at random

Yes, since it is your office you are allowed to go with any color you prefer. But just because you can choose any color does not mean that you have to choose them at random. When it comes to painting an office, a lot has to be taken into consideration. For one, you must consider the kind of furniture you are going to use. Choosing to use colors that are not in harmony with the preferred furniture will not only create a collage of chaos in the office but it will also end up looking tacky and a little out of sync. This often creates a feeling of unease and it tells the clients that you are disorganized. That is not the kind of environment that encourages business.

Mistake 2: Using dark colors

Dark colors tend to create a somber mood; one that does not encourage vibrant thought and mind activity. When it comes to painting an office, you want to make sure that the colors used are not only vibrant, but are the kind of colors that create an energetic atmosphere that lights up every mood and mind that walks into the office. You should have colors that excite you, colors that make you want to spend more time in the office and colors that are very inviting. Bright, vibrant colors such as white, cream, beige or orange are often best for an office setting. These colors are not dull and they keep people awake. Additionally, white or bright colors tend to expand a room and create a spacious feel that frees the mind. Dark colors such as black tend to lull the mind and create a gloomy atmosphere than can be counter-productive as far as creativity and productivity is concerned.

Mistake 3: Using too many colors

As creative as this may sound, using too many colors in an office setting is actually unsettling. Your office should project harmony and synchrony. You want to ensure that when people walk into that office, they can immediately identify with a single frame of mind and thought; they can immediately see that you have a single vision and that you are focused on achieving that vision. This can be projected by synchronizing your color combination. If your combination is all over the place, it tells the clients and employees that yours is not a settled mind. This creates disharmony and unsettles the whole atmosphere.

Office Painting

Mistake 4: Rushing the second coat

The trouble with office painting is that it is often time sensitive. In an office setting, time is money and it is natural to want to get the painting job out of the way as fast as possible so that everyone can get back to work. This rush often leads to most people rushing the second coat. They paint it on before the initial coat has had time to properly dry up. This results in a terrible looking outcome that has highly visible brush strokes and a great deal of paint pulling off among other unsightly occurrences. It is best if you can follow the instructions on the paint can and wait for the stipulated amount of time before applying the all-important second coat.

Mistake 5: Not saving some 'touch-up' paint

Every office painting job requires a touch-up when it is all done. This is that last moment when you realize that there is a very small, yet visible patch that requires more paint to cover up and finish off that wonderful look you were going for. Failing to save a bit of the original paint used for this very purpose can cause a few problems because using a different colored or textured paint will leave a visible discontinuity in the paint job.

Mistake 6: Thinking it can all be done in one day

Although this may be a wonderful thought, mostly due to the fact that in an office setting every minute counts towards the bottom-line, office paint jobs are not projects to be rushed. It will take a little bit more than one day. Mostly this time will be used as the period necessary for the paint to properly dry and to avoid any health and safety issues due to paint inhalation.

Mistake 7: Not hiring a professional

Painting an office is not like painting your home; it will not be considered unique if you do not do it just right. An office is a professional environment and therefore demands a professional painter to bring out the best in it.

Do not fall victim to these 7 deadly mistakes of painting an office. Take the time to consult with a professional and to come up with the perfect combination so that your office not only looks professional, but also encourages creativity and productivity.

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