8 Colors To Avoid For Bedroom Painting

Are you confused about which color to paint your bedroom in order to enjoy peace and tranquility? If yes then worry no more, you are about to find out which colors you should avoid including the reasons why you should refrain from using them. As a home owner, it is important to understand that, your bedroom should be a place of peace and tranquility. You should therefore focus on achieving this. One good way to realizing this is by avoiding the use of the mentioned colors mentioned below to paint your bedroom.

Bedroom Painting

They include:
1. Red

It is known to stimulate physical activity as well as physical growth. This is actually why most young children prefer it. In fact, it usually resonates well with their energetic and youthful exuberance while growing up. That said, it is important to understand and accept the fact that if you are looking for restorative sleep then painting your bedroom color red with definitely not cut the grade. This is because painting your bedroom red will not only make you feel stimulated; it will also agitate and occasionally make you anxious which in turn discourages sleep. In addition to the above, red could also lead you on to sexual overdrive on the sexual excitement front if you are not very careful. This in turn could compromise the relationship you have with your partner if you fail to handle the situation properly. If you must have red in your bedroom it is strongly advised that you limit it to accent colors only. For instance, have red candles, cushions and other accessories. Simply put, refrain from having large splashes of red in your bedroom.

2. Black

It is an inward focusing color known to absorb energy plus it also tends to invite introspection (hence the reason why most nuns and monks usually wear black). It is equally important to understand that when sleeping, energy field usually retracts and then moves back into the body and in the process restored and then replenished for the next day. Simply put, black is ideal for bedroom color but only on an energetic level. However, if you surround yourself or paint your bedroom black, you will most definitely feel overwhelmed and occasionally depressed. In fact, the use of black on children’s bedroom or in any other bedroom for that matter is highly discouraged.

3. Yellow

Just like red, it is known to stimulate hence the reason it is strongly advised that you avoid it for use to paint your bedroom. In fact, yellow has a tendency of shifting the mind’s focus and intellect. For this reason, it does not qualify as an ideal color for the bedroom especially for someone who is looking to make the bedroom as comfortable as possible. Just so you know, an ideal and comfortable bedroom is one which is painted using colors that is settling and encourages relaxation. In short, the color which you use in your bedroom should not in any way be stimulating and uplifting. Preferably keep yellow for the office and not your bedroom.

4. White

There are a few home owners who have opted to paint their bedrooms white arguing that it represents innocence and purity which is true to a certain extent. However, white bedroom does not appeal to most people, since this color tends to be too stark and sterile. White is also known to be a highly reflective meaning it bounces light and sometimes energy around space especially in a confined area. Overall, it is advised that you refrain from using black since it makes the bedroom less ideal for relaxing.

Bedroom Painting

5. Brown

Personally, I strongly advise the use of brown to paint the bedroom. This is because it is largely associated with old age staleness and immovable energy. This color is popularly perceived and known to make the surrounding environment dull. Such a feeling makes the bedroom less comfortable and sleeping even least relaxing which should not be the case.

6. Purple

Most people are under the impression that purple creates a sense of luxury within the bedroom. Truth is, this color actually reduces the total number of hours which you will enjoy sleeping/relaxing. This is mainly because purple has a very strong connection with the artistic community and is reportedly known to stimulate creativity. As such, painting your bedroom purple will most definitely stimulate experiencing of vivid dream sometimes even nightmares which in turn would result into you waking up tired after a long sleep which should not be the case. You are supposed to wake up feeling fleshed to say the least.

7. Orange

Simply put, painting your bedroom yellow falls into the exact same category as yellow or red. This is because orange is known to be jarring, very stimulating and most importantly less attractive for relaxing, it just does not attract the relaxation atmosphere which is should always be characteristic of the bedroom space. In case you just have to use orange then it is advisable that you go for dark orange or burnt orange. Either can stand in since they have the potential to slightly lessen the intense feeling commonly associated with orange especially when use in the bedroom.

8. Grey

Painting your bedroom grey is also discouraged. This is mainly because this colors is known to create an atmosphere that makes the body less active, waking up in a grey themed bedroom will most definitely have you doing most of the things you are suppose to do while In bed since grey has been found not help set the mood for relaxing and failing to properly induce sleep which should always be the case in an ideal bedroom setup. In case you have to use grey then try as much as possible to avoid having large splashes of the it in the bedroom, lighten up things which any bright colors such as blue for instance.

Final thoughts
Now that you have a clear ideal of the main colors to avoid when looking to paint your bedroom, make it your mission to refrain from using these colors for a chance to achieve true comfort and tranquility in your bedroom and nothing less.

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