Why Do People Paint Their House For The New Year?

Painting is one of the most basic way of transforming home appearance. To give the home a new look, using different colors works to make the home look different. The colors used in painting various rooms may depend on the mood and occasion. For instance, people choose to paint different colors for the New Year to show their mood, feelings and goals for the New Year. Painting is also done to match the different modern trends and also give the house a refreshed look.


Protect the surfaces of a house.

Paint is a good way of protecting all the surfaces of your home both interior and exterior. Paint offers protection both brick and wooden surfaces from external components that are likely to cause damage. For instance, painting can protect the house against mold that attacks external surfaces of the home. This is very important especially to exterior surfaces that can be affected by rain water and excessive sunlight that cause deterioration of the surface. Good quality acts as a protective cover and shields the home against rotting and other types of surface corrosion.

Conceal stains and unappealing marks.

A fresh paint is important especially if the house has stains and marks all over the wall. Painting is important to give the walls a new look and hide all the stains that were present in the wall. There are stains that can be easily cleaned but some stains require a permanent solution like painting. The type of paint used should provide a contrast to stains and marks and this make sure that they well hidden. During the New Year, many people paint their walls to conceal marks and stains that accumulated throughout the year.

Prevent dust accumulation.
Walls that are not painted tend to accumulate a lot of dust on the surfaces. Painting acts as a good way of reducing the amount of dust that is accumulated on the surfaces of the house. Painting covers plastered areas of the wall and this prevents cement from chipping out of the wall causing more dust accumulation. Another way of preventing dust accumulation on the walls is easy cleaning. Painted walls do not tend to accumulate a lot of dust keeping in mind that they can be easily cleaned using a cloth or even a brush that removes dust.

More value to the house.

People planning to sell or buy a home know that appearance is a great determinant of the value of the house. A house that has been recently painted looks more valuable as opposed to one with old and fainted paint. Paint is a fairly cheap procedure but it can go a long way in enhancing the appearance and in turn increasing the value of your home. When selling a house that has been recently painted, you are likely to get more returns because the appearance looks newly built to all the potential buyers.
Keep the home support structure strong.

This may sound impossible but the truth is that paint can go a long way in keeping the structure of your house strong. Most of the structures supporting the house are supposed to be painted from time to time not only for the sake of appearance but also to keep the building strong. A house that is not painted is likely to start rotting especially for wooden structures. Painting provides a seal that protects supporting structures of the home from deterioration. External stimuli like mold and termites are likely to weaken the support of the house but paint acts as a protective seal.

Painting House

Healthy living environment.

Interior painting is very important in enhancing the interior healthy environment. Good quality interior promotes a healthy atmosphere of the home. This is because good paint regulates the circulation of fresh air within the home making the environment friendly and welcoming. On the other hand good paint is important in reducing strange odors and fumes that are associated with unpainted homes. The role of paint in the house is to make the home smell fresh, feel fresh and enhance the circulation of fresh air around the home all the time.

Change in home décor
One of the most basic ways of changing the home décor is using a different painting technique in different parts of the home. If you decide to get new furniture and interior décor, you can decide to match this with the type of paint you have on the walls. Décor of the house can match with different occasions and it is also a good way of expressing the personality of home owners who tell who they are through paint. This is the reason why different people use different colors for their home due to their different personality and taste.

Easy to clean surfaces
Painted surfaces are easy to clean when comparing them to unpainted surfaces. Painted surfaces are smooth and it becomes very easy to clean stains and dust accumulated on the surfaces. This is different from plastered surfaces that are coarse and difficult to clean. Depending on the type of paint whether water based or oil based there is always a way used to clean such surfaces. Surfaces that are painted alternatively can be dusted and this removes exterior dust. On the other hand, stains and marks on the wall can be easily removed by cleaning.

Enhance mood and promote a positive energy.

Our environment has great influence on our mood. Painting has an impact on enhancing our mood and spreading positive energy around the home. There are specific colors that bring a happy mood within the home and people may choose to paint their home with lively colors for the New Year. There are also specific colors that are painted to make the home feel cozy and warm. Painting is a good way of making the home look and feel the way you want. When the home is lively and exciting your mood also changes. When the house is cozy and warm, this also enhances the mood of people around.

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