11 Useful Renovation Painting Tips

Dry weather is always the ultimate time to do your painting. This is the time when paint dries quickly and it is also conducive for the paint. When the weather is humid, the paint dries so slowly and the water present in the atmosphere is likely to interfere with the paint. If possible, always take advantage of the dry weather to do painting.


Clear the room.

This is the first step to take before you even think about picking up your painting brush. When doing renovation painting it is more likely that you already live in the home you want to paint. To avoid spilling paint on your valuable items make sure you clear the room. By clearing the room, it doesn’t mean that you remove all the items and take them elsewhere. You can do this by collecting all the items and placing them in the middle of the room away from the walls. This will give you enough space when painting the walls and allow you to move easily.

Clean and prepare the surface.

You don’t want to apply a fresh coat of paint on a dirty surface so cleaning and preparation of the walls before you start. The reason why many people do renovation painting is because the walls have become dirty and paint is peeling off. To prepare the walls, make sure you remove all the paint that is peeling out from the walls. At the same time, make sure you seal all visible cracks with a filler. This will ensure that you are applying a fresh coat of paint on a clean surface.

Assemble the right equipment.

For any painting job to be successful, it is important to always use the right equipment. The right equipment not only make your work easier but they also ensure that you get a perfect finish. The equipment you decide to choose will depend on the painting task that you want to do. Some of the painting equipment you can use include; flat brushes if you are planning to paint baseboards, brushes with natural bristles if you are using oil paint and synthetic brushes if you are using water based paint. Equipment to be used as solely determined by the nature of the paint as well as the surface.


Using primer is always a must.

Using a primer is very important if you want to be impressed by your work. Many people tend to skip this step and look at it as a waste of time and resources. The truth is that a surface that has been painted with a primer can never be compared with a surface that a primers was not used during painting. The good thing about a primer is the fact that it help paint to stick well on the surface and acts as a good base coating. A primer will also save you from using a second coat of your paint in order to achieve a neat look.

Type of paint.

Choosing the type of paint to use is a big step when planning to do renovation painting. This is because you want to ensure that you use better quality paint that will last long and prevent the constant need to make renovation. There are three kinds of paints that are currently available that you can choose from. For instance, there is the oil based oil that lasts long, has a strong smell and takes long to dry. There is the water based oil that dries quickly, doesn’t last long and has no smell. Lastly there is the water based oil from plant extracts.

Buy the right quantity.

Buying the right quantity of paint is important before you start any painting job. This will ensure that you do not have to run to the hardware store in the middle of your painting job. This might be dangerous because you might go to the shop where you bought your paint only to find that the specific color you wanted has run out. Always make sure that you buy the right quantities before you begin any job. You can ensure that you buy the right quantities of paint by measuring the walls and this will guide you when buying paint.

Renovation Painting Tips

Use one container for all the paint.

When buying paint, you might realize that the paint is packed in different containers especially if you are planning to use a lot of paint. The golden rule is to pour all the paint in smaller cans in one big can. You may not realize this but sometimes even when the container indicates one color, the paint may have different shades. To ensure that you get one uniform color, missing all the paint in one big container can go a long way in helping. This will avoid having walls that have different color shades.

Paint from top working downwards.

The best way to obtain a perfect finish paint job is to paint from top and work towards the bottom of the wall. This is where you start from the ceiling and paint down wards up to the floors of the room. It is obvious that you will get paint dripping as you go downwards but this should not be problem. The secret is to paint immediately as soon as you notice the paint dripping downwards. If you leave the paint to dry, the drips will remain visible once the job is done.

Use a good finish.

Once you have finished painting and you are satisfied with your work, it is now time to use a good finish to give the walls a good look. The finish should only be applied after the walls have dried to make sure it comes out well. There are different types of finish that are available in the market just the same way there are many paints available. The choice here will depend on your personal choice and what you expect at the end of the job.

Wait for the paint to dry.

You might be excited to move the furniture back to the wall but exercise a little patience for the paint to dry. This will ensure that you don’t stain your furniture while at the same time you do not interfere with the texture of paint that is not yet dry.

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