The Most Appropriate Approach When Choosing Colors For Office wall

Choosing the colors for your office wall is an important task as the colors you use can have a significant effect towards your visitors and clients. The office color effects are subliminal and instinctive in that they can create a good or bad perception of your business which is something that you don't want if you want success. No one starts an office for their work to fail; every business has that objective of succeeding.

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Consider the Preference of Your Business

When choosing colors for office wall, you need to select them wisely considering the type of business performed in that office. Remember that people view your office as a projection of who you are and make judgments from the first time they step in depending on what they see in that office including the wall color. You need to ensure that your office color promotes a positive image. To give a clear and make an informed choice on how to choose your office wall colors, here is a guide explaining each color and their meaning so that you can fall for the right one depending on your office.

Natural Colors

Natural colors are often used by more serious corporate businesses like banks, financial institutions, lawyers, and accountants. These natural colors like beiges and creams are combined with wood grain finishes to produce a sophisticated and refined appearance that depicts seriousness of their work. But on the other hand, these colors may portray an impression of dullness staid and safe feeling.

Blue and Green

Color blue depicts loyalty, conservatism character, confidence, wisdom, and security and it is therefore considered appropriate for these type of enterprises. The other color is green which gives an impression of calmness, development, money, and presence of security and it is therefore preferred and used by these corporates to indicate prestige and wealth. Both of these colors need to be complemented to harmonize the colors and bring balance, and you can combine blue with orange and green with red for the balancing purpose. There are other colors like dark green, navy blue and also the burgundy which gives a feeling of observing responsibility, taking control and also a feeling of confidentiality to your clients and can be a good choice for these corporate businesses.

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For those working in the design field, yellow is a better choice for your office walls as it depicts creativity. The color will also raise your spirits and ego in becoming more creative thus offering a high level of optimism, and when the clients visit your office. The clients will be met with a stunning yellow color, and a charming face and they will instantly be attracted by the environment hence become more explicit when explaining their needs and also have trust in you that you can deliver their needs.


The red color depicts physically productive thus blue and yellow could not work better in offices that deals with physical production. For example when hiring men for construction work, then the most appropriate color would be blue to stimulate the physical strength.

Impacts of Color on Production

The intensity of the color affects your behavior depending on how you respond. The intensity of the color applied to your walls determines whether it stimulates or soothes your behavior. This brings to the conclusion of many researchers that strong and bright colors will stimulate a person while colors with low saturation will soothe a person. Therefore the intensity of the colors you choose for your office must reflect on both aspects to capture the attention of your clients soon they enter your office.

Colors For Reception Area

The reception is the first place where your clients step foot when they enter your office, so it must have a color that welcomes them and feel that they have come to the right place. The colors you choose here should describe favorable and positive impressions and not a color that would make them withdraw from communicating. A soft muted orange like the peach can work well to promote a welcome message. Another feeling to be checked is the cheers and happiness which can be achieved by the application of a soft yellow color while a soft blue, green color might be applied on the walls if decisions are made at the reception as it can make a huge impact.

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Colors For General Office Space

Colors that work here are those that communicate the message you want to deliver to your clients and create a positive effect. Green and blue will provide a calm atmosphere for everyone who comes in, but also too much of them may negatively affect production thus slowing it down. Therefore, it is necessary for you to add some red, yellow or orange colors within the spaces so that you ensure productivity level is enhanced. You should also note that this applies the same with the red color, if applied with a very high intensity, it may provoke anger and aggressiveness, very strong peach or orange can create a talkative and socializing atmosphere which may cost you regarding staff wasting time in participating unnecessary talks. You should also avoid too much yellow on your office walls as it can lead to stress and anxiety to some people, therefore, knowing how to complement these colors is very important.

Picking the Right Choice of Color

You have to narrow the combination of colors you need that will correspond to your situation keeping in mind what is your purpose, to affect the emotions, body or mind or the balance. Then select your color for the office walls and according to what feeling you want to stimulate, determine whether more saturated or low saturated will work better. Note that color is also personal and scientific as you have to know which part of yourself or your clients you want to be affected.


Remember that not all offices walls fit these colors, the preference and choice of your colors should reflect the type of your business. Look out the age of your clients and the seriousness of your business as this plays an important factor whereby the brighter the color means, the less serious your business is, so you need to make the most appropriate choice when choosing the wall colors of your office. If you are not sure about making a choice, you can go ahead and hire the services of professional painters before you make your choice so that they can advise you on what you need to paint depending on the kind of business.

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