Painting Your Room- The Best Way To Do It

While most homeowners dread painting, it’s one of the easiest ways to improve the look of your room without putting much effort. Paint colors can significantly transform the interior design and the mood of your house within no time. From a soft backdrop to splashes of bold color, paint can be used to make a statement. Either way, painting is one of the simplest and the least expensive tools that you can use to transform your house. With the right tools, a little work and the patient to wait for the paint to dry you can have a completely different room within no time. Here are some of the best ways to paint your room.

Wall painting tips

· Prepare and do a thorough inspection-
It’s obvious that painting a room is much easier when there is nothing blocking your way. You, therefore, need to empty your room as much as possible. If you are painting the main room, you need to drag all the chairs to the center and cover them. Although wiping the walls may seem unnecessary, it’s a very important process. This is because there is always a buildup of dust, dirt, and oils on the walls. Removing this debris before painting will allow the paint to stick to the walls. In addition, make sure you fill in any cracks, holes, and tape off the adjacent walls.

· Buy high-quality tools-
If you want your work to come out well, you definitely need to purchase quality tools. Good roller covers and brushes will give you an excellent coverage so that you don’t have to waste time repainting the room.

· Test the paint color-
It’s very hard to determine how a particular color will look on your wall. If you want to buy a specific color, then you need to purchase a sample and try it out before buying everything. Once you have tested it give it time to dry in both daytime and night. By doing this, you will have an idea of how it will look like. If you are not sure just purchase a few samples and try them out. You might be surprised at the kind of colors that pleases you.

Wall painting tips

· Know the amount of paint that you need-
There is nothing as bad as running out of paint during a painting project. On the same note having too much paint is not good either. Thankfully, there are some things that will greatly help you to determine the amount of paint that you need. Apart from knowing the square footage, you also need to know how many coats of paint you want to use. If you are using primer then one coat is just enough.

· Pick your painting techniques-
Once your paint is mixed and your roller is ready, come up with painting strategy. Starting with the ceiling, work from the top of the room going down. Don’t worry about the accent wall since the dark paint will cover whatever light paint it finds around. Once the lighter paint had dried tape it off so that the dark color doesn’t bleed over it. When painting just tackle one wall at a time. Also throughout the process ensure that the room is well ventilated keeping a fan blowing and the room warm will definitely speed up the drying process.

· Cover anything that you don’t want to paint-
You will never regret the time you spend covering furniture, floors, and hardware before you begin your work. Also make sure you apply a masking tape on the areas that you don’t want to paint such as windows, cabinets, floor, and woodwork. Do not forget to remove the outlet covers and light switch.

· Use a primer-
If you already have a smooth surface then a paint and primer are a very good combination. But if the wall has some issues then or has taken several years before being painted then you need to look for a separate primer. If you need to cover a challenging surface, then it’s important to use a bonding primer.

· Cut the edges-
Also known as trimming, cutting in the edges can easily make your painting come out well. Instead of dipping the edge into the paint, just use a roller to load it. This will prevent the wheels from creating a mess.

· Allow the color into the life of the room-
Although color can be a bit overwhelming do not allow fear to make you choose white or beige. Trying out different colors will allow you to create the best feeling. For instance, if you want to add depth and texture to your room, it’s advisable to use dark colors. But if you have a small room with no natural light then lighter brighter colors can really make it feel much larger and open it up. Basically, don’t be afraid just experiment with the color and see what works best for you.

Wall painting tips

· Feel free to change the paint-
After painting some part of the wall you may feel that it’s not coming out the way you wanted. Just feel free to change the paint. If you don’t like the color you’ve used you can easily paint over it. If it seems too overwhelming for the room then you can leave one wall as an accent. You might find out that it’s all that you need to make a difference.

· Focus on the finish that you choose-
Apart from the color the finish is also very important. For instance, high good finishes are not only easier to clean but are also very durable. Their only disadvantage is that they might highlight the imperfections on the walls. While a flat paint finish will cover the imperfections it can easily get damaged. The best option in most instances is, therefore, an eggshell finish. It provides the gloss, covers the imperfections and is very easy to clean.


These are some of the best ways to paint your room. If you follow these tips then your painting project will definitely come out well. Always remember to take time and prepare well. By doing this, you will make your painting run smoothly and produce good results.

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