Painting Tips That Every Homeowner Should Know

Painting your home’s interior and exterior always adds value to the home, whether you are upgrading its appearance for several years to come or simply adding the curb appeal so as to sell it. However, selecting paint colors is not the only trouble on one's mind when thinking about renovating and giving yourhome a makeover. Here are a few home painting tips to know about how to buy, how to prepare, the tools needed and clean-up tricks that can cut down the work.

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1.Select the best pain to use by sampling

One should consider the best color combination to ensure that the color meets the expectations of the user. Before buying the paint, it is advisable that you first buy the samples in small amounts to see whether the paint is as expectations. In case it meets the need of a color match. Therefore, you can go and purchase the paint. After a sampling of the color, you should also consider the toxicity of the paint. There are some paints which are highly text and harmful to the user. The toxic substances in the paint are mainly the Volatile Organic chemicals. The VOC releases toxic fumes to the hair which when inhaled may have adverse respiratory complications when used for some years. The neutral paints have good eye attraction, therefore, are recommended for residential painting.

2. Wash the wall

Paint sticks well in a wall which is clean. Wall that has the dust affects the ability of the paint to stick. The paint will, therefore,
last for a short time the pain it starts peeling off By this, the maintenance of the pain should be done regularly. The paint color is also affected by the dust on the wall hindering the exposure of the original color. Therefore it is important to wash the wall before pant.

3. Choose the best professional in painting

The skills on a canvas of person given the work should be high. The specialist will be in a position to advise you on the best quality of the paint to use He will be able to do his work in the best way and n an attractive manner In case of painting design, a person who is highly skilled will be in apposition to give the quality painting services which will also be attractive.

4. Measure your space

One should calculate the square footage of the area that is to be used before going to the shop to buy the paint Professional estimating recommends 400 square feet to be painted using one gallon, in case of the-the home paint designs one may require more paint than the estimated. These enable you to approximate the amount of money to be spent in the painting.

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5. Select the art tools

The painting rollers are chosen by the texture of the surface of the wall In case of a rough wall, long nap rollers are the most
appropriate to use On the smooth surface, the smaller nap rollers are the best to use These rollers can return to the original shape quickly after they are a squeeze on the wall The foam rollers are not the best to use when painting the wall. They are suited for the painting of e utensils and the decorative treatments.

6. Getting ready for the Job

Putting on disposable shirt and pants plus keeping all of the paint out of your hair is certainly simple enough, and sure enough put on cloth work gloves; I was taught this method by a high-quality painter and the idea will work very good.

7. Tools for tricky areas

Don't try to use the paint roller for everything. Buy edging tools and angled brushes when you're in the paint store and use them first to cut in and make the rolling a breeze.

8. Clean edges

One of the secrets to a great paint job, inside or out, is getting a clean edge. We have all had the experience of laying down masking tape thinking that everything was fine until we pulled the tape off to discover a wavy mess of wet paint underneath. Use painter's tape - Frogtape and 3M Edgelock are two of the best. Use finger pressure on the tape where color will meet it to make sure there is a good bond you should not leave taps on the wall since it might be difficult to remove them

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9. The Painting Process

It's preferable that you buy a pack of paint booties, put them over your shoes when you're standing on the drop cloth, and take them off every time you leave the area Tracking paint through the house can turn a weekend home improvement job into a multi-week cleanup.

It's good to incorporate the paint with primer, although it may not always be necessary. If you're painting over white paint with more white or a color, you might skip that step. If you're trying to cover up a dark color with white, you should apply a coat of primer. If you're planning on painting the trim as well, don't worry about spilling over, as you'll soon cover over it If you're painting just one surface, use blue painter's tape to outline the boundary of your job. With the final color, start by "cutting in" with an angled brush, between 2"-3" wide, on the edges of the surface. Once the edges are painted in, fill a rolling tray with just enough color to fill the reservoir at the base; don't overfill the bucket. Roll it on thickly but keep an eye out for drips do not apply too much paint since It will run down and ruins the clean finish. Let it dry, remove the tape and, if needed, take a touch-up brush and carefully correct any imperfections.

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