Choosing The Right Color For BTO Kitchen Cabinet

Color plays an important role in beautifying your Built To Oder house. Your BTO home does not need to look like all other homes in your Singaporean neighbourhood. You can customize everything to achieve a new outlook even when designs are the same. This type of renovation also helps in increasing the value of your home. Kitchens are one of the places that are given first priority when it comes to redesigning. The color of a kitchen cabinet contributes a lot to the appearance of your kitchen. In fact, you can transform the whole place by only changing the color of the cabinets. Selecting the wrong color will make the whole space in your kitchen to look ugly. This lowers the value of your home significantly. You need to be more meticulous when choosing the right color for your BTO kitchen cabinet. There are some factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the right color for a kitchen cabinet. There consideration is necessary in achieving the desirable outlook of your Built To Oder home.

BTO Kitchen Cabinet

The Existing Home Theme

There is a theme than runs all over your home based on a specific design. You could be having a forest, sea, or a jungle based design. It could also be a simple contemporary design which carries basic but classic colors. The design theme of your home determines the color of the kitchen cabinet. Contemporary themes feature colors like black, white and grey. This means your kitchen cabinet needs to match these colors. If you choose sea-based theme for your home then it means your cabinets will have white and blue colors. Forest and Jungle home themes will feature more green which also applies to your kitchen cabinet. Choosing the color of your kitchen cabinet helps in maintaining a sense of uniformity in your home. Consider your home theme and your kitchen will fit right in.

Taste and Preference

Your taste and preference for color matters a lot when choosing the right color for your BTO kitchen cabinet. You don’t want a color that will irritate all the time while in your castle. Go with something that makes you happy even if it means going against the home theme. You can select colors that match your personality. If you are someone who likes exploring new things then go for white. If you are fun and outgoing then consider orange and yellow. You may even want to brighten up your home with some romance by including red and pink colors. Black and green can also make you feel bossy and fresh while around your home. You may also opt for a combination of calm and subdued colors like gray. Choosing the color that you like allows you to feel comfortable while in your kitchen. Choose the color you like and forget about everybody else since you are the one who will be spending most of the time in that kitchen.

BTO Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Size

Check the size of your home before selecting the color for your kitchen cabinet. Most likely, it is proportional to your kitchen. This means your kitchen is bigger if the overall size of your home is bigger. The chosen colors and their combination depends on the size of the kitchen. Make sure the kitchen cabinet comes with colors that can be accommodated in the kitchen to avoid a claustrophobic feeling. Dark colors are perfect for smaller spaces since they make your kitchen appear bigger. This is because they appear to recede thus creating the illusion of a bigger size. On the other hand if your kitchen space is bigger, you may opt for warm colors like red, yellow and orange. These colors bring everything closer to you thus making your kitchen cozier.


Instead of sticking to ordinary colors, explore more classic color variations. You may consider an earthy tone which features brown paired with mustard or light grey. This modern earthy color combination provides your kitchen space with a rustic-inspired theme. This can be easily matched with other furniture and porcelain accessories in your home. Soft layered pestles are also modern color combinations which substitute for safe and typical color palettes. They include a range of refreshing pastels that combine white, lilac, eggshell blue, peach and lemon. This produces a captivating color palette that gives your kitchen a modern appeal. You can still remain modern and calm with quiet shades which are less sophisticated. Dark and light shades on your kitchen cabinet create a kitchen space which is classic and elegant. Warm and cool hues are perfect in making your kitchen look masculine and feminine. Try juxtaposing shades of pink and grey. This allows all your family members to help in the kitchen. Allow more youth in your kitchen by including high energy colors like coral with charcoal grey.

BTO Kitchen Cabinet


The availability of colored kitchen cabinets determines what you end up with. Some companies have a limited range of colors. Most likely, you may not get the color you prefer. This means you need to consider the most suitable alternative. At this point you may stick to your existing home theme. However, if you are determined in finding a specific color then you need to find a Singaporean company that offers a variety of kitchen cabinets. Make sure you strive you get right color which makes you happy.


You can never go wrong by taking these factors in consideration. Obtaining a comfortable and unique look in your BTO home is very easy. The kitchen cabinet to be introduced to your kitchen should match the overall theme of your house in order to provide a sense of consistency. Again, remember to put yourself first during the selection process. Make sure the kitchen cabinet adds a color that makes you comfortable while in the kitchen. Adjust your colors with the kitchen space. Dark colors appear to recede making them suitable for small spaces. On the other hand, bright colors bring things closer making them suitable for larger spaces. You may also consider trying something new in the design market. Modern color combinations match well with your décor, look classier and accommodate both gender and age in the kitchen. Finally, everything narrows down to availability. You might consider going for a better alternative where there are few choices. Be aggressive in looking for a company with the right colors.

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